Chippy Chipmunk Parties In The Garden and Babies in the Garden
Chippy Chipmunk Awarded 15 Awards
Winner of 35 National Awards.
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Written and photographed by Kathy M. Miller
40 pages  •  11.25" x 8.75"  • 80 + color photographs
$19.95  •  hardcover with dust jacket
For ages 4 & older and the young at heart

Chippy Chipmunk Parties in the Garden
ISBN 978-0-9840893-0-7

With humor and a bit of real-life danger, this award-winning book shows a day in the life of a charming chipmunk named Chippy.  Miller spent two years photographing her resident chipmunk’s antics in her garden.  During Chippy’s travels he meets birds and other backyard creatures including a yawning turtle!

Based in a natural setting, this story enlightens as well as entertains with a fun facts section in the back of the book.  The photographs give the reader a close-up view of the Eastern Chipmunk.  The harnessed energy in a still frame provides interesting expressions not available to the naked eye.  

Few can resist the charm of these lively, independent woodland creatures when they pause in their scampering to gaze cheerfully at you with large glossy eyes.

Chippy Chipmunk: Babies in the Garden
ISBN 978-0-9840893-1-4

Chippy’s a daddy! This book offers a rare glimpse into the real lives of baby chipmunks during their first days out of the burrow. This sequel focuses on Chippy’s four adorable babies as they discover and learn about the world around them. Along the way they encounter birds, butterflies, rabbits and even the resident cat!

In the front of the book, Miller shares the significance of the names she gave them—Rosalie, Roosevelt, Rachel and Benjamin.  In the back of the book (like she did in the first book), she shares fun facts about chipmunks and other animals encountered in the book.  This information will subtly enhance learning, expand vocabulary and raise a child’s curiosity.

The Chippy Chipmunk series weaves together the best of the visual and language arts, science, photography and storytelling to make backyard nature accessible and fun.

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