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1) Winner of the Keystone to Reading Elementary Book Award for 2012-2013 (Primary Level.)

2) Gold Recipient in the Mom's Choice Awards®

3) Winner of the NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award

4) Silver medalist in the 2012 Independent Publisher Book Awards for Children's Picture Book for Animals/Pets

5) Silver medalist in the 2012 Benjamin Franklin Awards in the category of Cover Design - Children's

6) Silver medalist in the 2012 Benjamin Franklin Awards in the category of Children's Picture Book

7) Finalist in the 2012 Eric Hoffer Book Awards

8) Winner in the 2012 International Book Awards in the category of Animals/Pets

9) Finalist in the 2012 International Book Awards category: Photography: Nature

10) Finalist in the 2012 International Book Awards category: Children's Picture Book: Hardcover Fiction

11) Finalist in the National Indie Excellence Book Awards category: Children's Picture Book: Hardcover Fiction

12) 1st place in the 2012 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards in Animals/Pets

13) 1st place in the 2012 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards in Photography

14) 1st place in the 2012 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards in Picture Book (5 & under)

15) Honorable Mention in the 2012 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards in Picture Book (6 & older)

16) 2012 BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD from Creative Child Magazine (Kids Educational Books category)

17) Winner in the 2012 Gelett Burgess Children's Book Awards - Nature (preschool) category

18) Finalist in the 2012 USA Best Book Awards Photography: Nature category

19) Gold Winner in the Young Voices Foundation Awards Animals and Pets

20) Silver Recipient in the Young Voices Foundation Awards Nature


"...Chippy Chipmunk: Babies in the Garden By Kathy M. Miller Celtic Sunrise, $19.95, 40 pages. Imagine what you might do if a mother chipmunk brought her babies to your front window to show them off.

Portland Book Review


"...Rosalie, Roosevelt, Rachel and Benjamin are the darling chipmunk children of proud parents Lily and Chippy. Miller's beautiful photography gives readers a glimpse into the real lives of baby Eastern chipmunks during their first few days out of the burrow....Miller uses simple words and incorporates plenty of humor."

Elizabeth Franklin, Portlan Book Review


"...Miller's sharp, close-range photographs of a chipmunk family and other backyard animals are the mainstay of this sequel to Chippy Chipmunk: Parties in the Garden. Chippy's mate, Lily, leads her six-week-old chipmunk babies into the garden, where 'they huddled together and gazed at their new world with wonder and curiosity.' Endearing images of the interactions among the siblings are front and center as they investigate their new world and nuzzle nose-to-nose...."

Publishers Weekly


"...Kathy M. Miller writes a beautiful story around photographs she took that will not only appeal to young children, but also will capture the hearts of the adults reading to the little ones. This book communicates on many levels. The story of Chippy, Lily, and the four newborn chipmunks -- Rosalie, Roosevelt, Rachel, and Benjamin -- is a fun, interesting read, shared realistically and lovingly.
When the baby chipmunks come out of the burrow, they interact with each other as their instincts help train them in what they need for independence, under the watchful eye of their parents. The photographs are phenomenal! They add a unique level to a children's picture book, allowing the child to witness the actual animals as they start out in life. The front of the book has the significance of each of the babies' names that Miller chose, while the back of the book shares facts in such a fun way that science and nature come alive."

Angie Mangino, Sacramento Book Review


"...“What makes this picture book appealing for both children and adults are Miller’s eightyfour full-color photographs of animals in action. As the baby chipmunks explore their garden surroundings, they discover that berries and flowers taste delicious—but dirt does not. As they also learn that birds and bunnies are their friends, an old red squirrel warns them of such predators as eagles, owls, and snakes, as well as resident Chester the Cat when he sneaks outside .... Adorable photographs show the chipmunks playing tag, leapfrog, follow-the- leader, and even hide-and-seek....Readers will hope that more adorable sequels are to come from this author."

Angela Leeper, ForeWord Reviews


"...The second book in this multi-award winning series, continues the adventures of Chippy, the author's resident chipmunk, who's found a mate and started a family. This book captures humorous and intimate moments of baby chipmunks interacting in the author's garden and finding their way in the world."

Jim Barnes, Independent Publisher


"...If you enjoyed Kathy M. Miller's first Chippy Chipmunk book, you'll love this one too! It contains the same style of brilliant photographs throughout the book. Only these photos are even more spectacular, adding photos of birds, butterflies, and the author's cat. It didn't seem possible, but this book even out shines the original.
This beautiful, hard-cover book will deliver a science lesson in the form of a story. Sit with your child on your lap and enjoy some parent-child time. You will be surprised how much you and your child will know about chipmunks and nature when you turn the final page and shut the covers. Get both books and enjoy an extended learning story time together."

Tere Scott, St. Louis Homeschooling Examiner


"...This would be an excellent book for any child--or adult--who loves animals, a study on chipmunks, or just a basic study of animals. The book does a beautiful job of telling an engaging story with great pictures and great educational content. As a homeschool mother, I love this!
I can't get over the photography in the book....the actions and scenes that Kathy catches are amazing!
Whether you choose to use this book as an educational accompaniment or just to enjoy as a family, I highly recommend it. It's such a fun book!"

Tiffany, Sweet Phenomena


"...This book offers a rare glimpse into the real lives of baby chipmunks during their first days out of the burrow. The photographs reveal interesting details and expressions not usually visible to the naked eye."

Calgary's Child


"...I can't wait until her next book is published. I bet there will be lots more of nature's funny expressions on every page!"

Jenna Farrow, The Dragon Times


"...I don't know about you but we love chipmunks in our house. We have one that lives in our backyard and each time we see it we all comment on how cute it is and how much we love to see them scurrying around on our porch. So when the opportunity to read Chippy Chipmunk: Babies in the Garden came up I jumped on it, because I just knew my kids love reading it. And they do! My 6.5 year old daughter read it first and loved it! Her favorite part was when the mom Lily, took her 4 new babies out to explore their world for the first time. She has read a few times herself and also to her brothers (which is always and adorable sight to watch ;) ) My 4.5 year old son loved learning about the chipmunks and his favorite part was when the cat tried to come and get them but couldn't because of the locked door! I love how the author relates the story in a simple way while still managing to educate us on how chipmunks live. This book came at a time when we are also awaiting the birth of a baby so it was nice to read in that context as well. The kids were able to relate to the story a bit better I think. This is definitely a book I would recommend, and I will now be looking for it's prequel(Chippy Chipmunk Parties in the Garden) to add to our book collection!"

Tabitha, 3 Boys and a Dog


"...Now that Emma is almost reading on her own, I've been on a book binge. Any book. Any theme. Doesn't matter! I just want her to be exposed to all kinds of books with all kinds of messages. Since the arrival of her baby sister in May, Emma has been intrigued by babies and how families are made. Chippy Chipmunk: Babies in the Garden is a perfect book that she can read that shows a family in the making! It goes perfectly with it's prequel, Chippy Chipmunk: Parties in the Garden. This book captures rare moments of the chipmunks natural habitat, and Emma loves seeing real, beautifully taken photos of sweet little animals! She enjoys following the story line of Chippy Chipmunk and his family as it grows and expands, just like our family :). The photos are really stunning -- over 80 photos in all -- and they are great for a beginning reader. She can follow along with the story by just glancing at the photos, or even make up a story of her own! This book has been a favorite for my kids, and it's a must-have for any nature lover!"

Ashley Capps,


"...Author and photographer Kathy M. Miller shares a delightful character, Chippy, through her award-winning book series about a real-life chipmunk who lives in her garden....My grandchildren have truly enjoyed the experiences of the little family."

Eularee Smith, Currents magazine, The News-Review, OR


"...Children will love these playful newcomers to the garden, and will learn a lot about them. Early readers will be able to read most of the text on their own, and younger children will enjoy looking at the bright pages and hearing the story read to them. These lively chipmunks invite young readers to take a closer look at the world around them. Charming close-up photographs capture the explorations of the baby chipmunks in a welcome sequel to Chippy Chipmunk Parties in the Garden which won fifteen national awards. Highly recommended for ages 2 and up."

Lyda Whiting, Awareness Magazine


"...This book offers a rare glimpse into the real lives of baby chipmunks during their first days out of the burrow. The photographs reveal interesting details and expressions not usually visible to the naked eye."

Calgary's Child


"...We really loved Chippy Chipmunk Parties in the Garden, so we were super excited to get to review Chippy's latest adventure, Babies in the Garden! The pictures are absolutely breathtaking! Kathy Miller is an excellent photographer with an amazing ability to capture stunning, and sometimes hilarious, nature photos. This story is engaging and entertaining and we really enjoyed reading it and adding it to our library. The kiddos have learned a lot about chipmunks by reading Chippy's stories and we hope he has lots more to come! ABCD Diaries gives Chippy Chipmunk Babies in the Garden an A+!"

Christin Banda, The ABCD Diaries


"...I thought the concept of the book was absolutely fascinating. The book itself was totally adorable. I read it to my daughter and she absolutely loved it. It was great to see real pictures as opposed to illustrations. Reading it actually made me become more interested in learning more about these fascinating creatures. I loved how the book was playful yet educational at the same time and how there were chipmunk facts at the end of the book. This is definitely a great book to get for a child."

Jamie Zewe,


"...I love reading to my GRAND daughter and now that Abby can read, she loves reading to me. This book is definitely worth searching out in the book store or on Amazon.
Because of the beautiful photography and the cute story, of course! The story is about four baby chipmunks and it offers pictures of real live baby chipmunks learning and playing through their first days out of the burrow. Perfect for younger children, nature lovers, and animal enthusiasts, there are over 80 photos of all sorts of animals that the chipmunks meet....down right precious!"



"...A clever blend of a non fiction book that reads like a story. Realistic photos help to tell the story of the young chipmunks as they wander out of their burrow for the first time! The chipmunk family is introduced on the front inside cover of the book and great chipmunk factoids are on the back inside. This is a non-fiction book that would appeal to girls (and boys!)."

Mia Wenjen,


"...The Chippy Chipmunk series weaves together the best of the visual and language arts, science, photography and storytelling to make backyard nature accessible and fun."

Karie Bradley, Managing Editor,


"...Chippy Chipmunk: Babies in the Garden is a child's photo-essay about a mother and father chipmunk and their four baby chipmunks, born in springtime. A sequel to Chippy Chipmunk: Parties in the Garden, Babies in the Garden delivers more charming colorful photographs of four charming baby chipmunks, named Rosalie, Roosevelt, Rachel, and Benjamin, all named after famous conservationist historic personalities. The baby chipmunks are so excited to discover the garden world outside their burrow. Beautiful bird pictures (goldfinch, cardinal, bluebird, oriole, chickadee, woodpecker, hummingbird) are also featured as part of the chipmunks' garden world, as well as a rabbit, eagle, owl, and an old red squirrel, who incidentally warns the baby chipmunks about the possible danger of Chester the cat. Although the chipmunks are fearful of the danger of Chester the cat, Mama Lily tells them not to fret, since they were born with instincts and skills to help protect them. She tells them to go play in the garden, in the sunshine. Another day, Chester sees the chipmunks through the window and Mama Lily sounds the warning squeek! while Papa Chippy bravely faced Chester through the locked screen door, tail aloft. The baby chipmunks were safe and sound! Chippy Chipmunk: Babies in the Garden is a nature education reading treat for children age 4 and older."

James A. Cox, Midwest Book Review, Children's Bookwatch


"...With over eighty photographs which reveal interesting details and expressions not normally visible to the naked eye, the book focuses on the four little chipmunks as they discover both the joys and the dangers of the world about them. It also has a couple of pages in the back which share fun facts about chipmunks and other animals mentioned in the book. You may already know that play is a way for animals to practice their survival skills. Did you know that chipmunk babies disperse to live independently when they are eight weeks old? Children always enjoy reading and learning about animals, so they will love this delightful story about Chippy and his little ones."

Wayne S. Walker, Book Reviewer,


"...If your children are anything like mine, they love little animals....When I had the opportunity to check out the newly released Chippy Chipmunk: Babies in the Garden I could not wait to share it with my crew! Here is the scoop on what my kiddos have been having me read over and over again... This book captures humorous and intimate moments of baby chipmunks interacting in the author's garden and finding their way in the world....The kids think it is exciting and fun to hear about the new chipmunks adventures and I love how it gives them a look into nature and the world around them. Secondly, the pictures in this book are nothing short of amazing. The up close and personal pictures of these furry little loves is simply tremendous. The kids enjoy flipping through this book on their own just for the pictures. The story is sweet and the photographs are outstanding. We are looking forward to hearing more from Chippy Chipmunk and his adorable family!"

Kristin, Reviewed by Mom blogger


"...My husband rarely reads to our children since that is one pleasure that I will rarely defer to anyone else. However, when he laid his eyes upon Chippy Chipmunk: Babies in the Garden he immediately smiled and volunteered to read this book aloud to our children. Before starting the story, he became misty eyed and shared his own childhood experience rescuing three baby chipmunks whose nest had been destroyed by a tractor. The beautiful photographs and story of this book really captured the reality of life as a baby chipmunk. My family and I were captivated by this delightful story and enjoyed the adventures of the adorable main characters. My husband said that it was a wonderful story that really did bring back those memories from his youth and his beloved chipmunks."

Maureen, Simply Stacie


"...Kathy Miller's so sweet guy, Chippy, is back with Babies in the Garden. Chippy takes a back seat to Lily the mother of his four babies and his little brood, who bring their absolute adorableness to exploration and play throughout the garden. Miller's photography is intimate and stunning, bringing you into the story and making you feel a part of this new happy family.
Finn's belly laughs at the babies' antics, let me know that Babies in the Garden was a list topper for bedtime favorites! And the "ah, they're soooo cute." from daughter Hunter let me know even the bigger kids will want to read it."

Laura Jones, Macaroni Kid, Kutztown to Allentown (PA)


"...The story will captivate and delight children 4 and older, all nature lovers and the young at heart. (Makes a great gift for big brother or sister when the new baby arrives.)"

Laura Kalchik, Families First Monthly


"...It is a pleasure and delight to meet baby chipmunks....Miller is not only an imaginative writer but also a creative nature photographer...Miller's photographic abilities share the delightful work of chipmunks and other creatures of nature in her garden."

Dee Ann Ray, Books are My Bag column, Weatherford (OK) Daily News and The Elk City Daily News


"...From an interview with author Kathy Miller: What do you hope readers will get from this book? 'I hope they learn to identify backyard birds, and take an interest in other wildlife beyond chipmunks. It would be great to see children taking more of an interest in spending time outdoors. A camera will get kids engaged in nature as they look closely for things to photograph. Through observation they will hopefully become curious and build a connection to their natural surroundings.' "

Mary Beth Adomaitis,


" amazingly colorful and educational book about a family of chipmunks...Miller captures the behavior and moods of the chipmunks from Chippy's bright eyes when he meets his babies for the first time to Rachel's discovery of her reflection in the water of a bird bath....It is a great addition to any child's home library and is perfect for classroom discussions about small animals and their behaviors."

Mary Beth Adomaitis,


"... Bring your child on a wonderful adventure with Chippy and Mama Lily's babies (Rachel, Rosalie, Roosevelt and Benjamin) as they emerge from their burrow to discover the big world in their garden home.
Miller's not only spun a delightful story that will please child and adult alike, but her photographs of Chippy's family are fabulous -- she has caught action shots of chipmunks playing and exploring that would rival any National Geographic!...pure delight!"

Sandie Lee, Imagination Cafe


"...Kathy M. Miller has authored and photographed a sequel to her first book about Chippy Chipmunk which garnered 15 national book awards. The new title is filled with more than 80 photos of the first days of chipmunks out of the burrow. Children 4 and older will enjoy this story of four chipmunks as they encounter birds, butterflies, rabbits, and even the resident cat!"

Alan Caruba, Bookviews


"...Chippy is back and now he's a father! Watch Chippy and his babies as they explore the garden and learn about their world. With characteristically beautiful photos, Kathy Miller's new book is sure to captivate young and older readers alike. "

Anthea Bailie, Children's Librarian, Milliken Mills Branch


"...The pictures along with the story really capture the chipmunks and there curiosity in there new world. You see them explore the garden like never before. I had lots of favorite pics, but one of my favorite's is when Roosevelt makes friends with a fake rabbit....
This book is a great way to introduce your children to chipmunks, and teach them all about them, in a fun way that they will certainly understand."

Robin Malo,


"...Her second book -- Chippy Chipmunk: Babies in the Garden -- was inspired by the birth in her yard of four chipmunk babies to Lily and Chippy, the star of the previous book. Kathy's phenomenal photographs grace the lovely picture book, and help to tell the story of how the babies grow up...."

Teri Flatley, BoomThis!


"...I cannot tell you how much I love this book. It is beyond cute. My kids love it too, but I love it more. This book offers the rare glimpse into the real lives of baby chipmunks during the first days out of the burrow. There are over 80 photographs in this short book, and there isn't a person who love this. Best of all, you will learn a few things...Chippy Chipmunk: Babies in the Garden is a must-get book for any age. Easy enough to read for my 7 year old, and the pictures are engaging enough to keep the attention of my 4 year old."

Lisa Martin,


"...The story itself is educational and so humorous as readers continue the adventures of Chippy, the resident chipmunk. This time readers meet his four (super stinkin' cute) baby chipmunks as they explore and learn about the world around them. Their delight and wonder over butterflies, rabbits, and even their fellow neighbor cat is so fun to see in the photographs. Mr. C and Princess A laugh every time they read this book!"

Amy Barseghian, From One Mommy to Another


"...Beautiful photographs through out the book. Rated 5 of 5."

Kimberly B. (Mom) and Madaline (Child), Mommy Review Board, Fredericksburg Parent


"...Kathy M. Miller has written a informative and humorous story about Chippy the chipmunk who lives in her garden...I recommend this book to all nature loving readers. It will captivate your young naturalist."



"...Kathy Miller's delightful sequel features spectacular photographs capturing the behavior of backyard animals. Her charming story of Chippy Chipmunk and his babies is a wonderful way to show children (and adults!) that they don't have to travel far to enjoy the many wonders of nature."

Carl R. Sams II and Jean Stoick, authors of children book classic Stranger in the Woods and many others

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